Input Voltage  36/48/60/72/84/144VDC (customizable)
Output Voltage: 12V 24V (customizable)
Protection level IP66

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Input Voltage  100-200VDC (customizable)
Output Voltage: 13.8VDC (customizable)
Protection level IP67

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M model Integrated isolation DC-DC converter is suitable for electric vehicles, electric buses, electric industrial vehicles, electric tour buses, electric police cars, electric trailers, electric boats, etc. DC12~24V power supply appliances: lighting, audio, instrument power supply


Wide Input high voltage

To meet the dynamic power requirements of the conversion system.

Reduce Operating Cost

on-off enable control. The quiescent current in the off state is very low, which reduces the battery consumption during parking.

High Standard

As for the voltage rating, insulation grade, EMC design, mechanical vibration and other indicators , our DC/DC converter's can fully meet the technical standards of electric vehicles, ensuring the safe use of Rhyl products and reliable quality.

Advanced Intelligent DC/DC Converter

Energy-efficient, safe and reliable. And with the brand new electronic process and efficient circuit design, the efficiency of our converter is up to 93% efficient.

Safer and More Reliable

Implement charging data and alarm monitoring through CAN communication module, enabling Rhyl's smart charging converters safer and more reliable, and the natural cooling design is sampled.

Safety Monitoring Functions

Input overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output overcurrent/short circuit protection, overheat protection, etc., while ensuring efficiency, we focus on improving product reliability and safety.

High Voltage Rating & Insulation Grade

EMC design, mechanical vibration and other indicators meet the technical standards of electric vehicles, ensuring the safe use of Rhyl products and reliable quality.

High-speed CAN Network

Upload the working status, operating parameters and fault alarm information of the DC/DC converter, monitor in real time, and solve any problems that may occur in the first time.


DC-DC converter Z model adopts international advanced digital analog mixing control technology, and the input and output are completely electrically isolated, which is more safe and reliable. With small size, easy installation and high conversion efficiency, it can operate at full load for a long time, and the static power consumption is extremely low. By stable output voltage, all-round protection function and high reliability , Rhyl M model DC-DC converter can be your best choice.


Anti-vibration requirements and is for harsh charging situation.

Heat Dissipation Tech

Produced under precise system, with good heat dissipation performance, the electric circuit of the Rhyl converter is stable and reliable.

Safety Monitoring Functions

Over temperature protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, etc.

Dual Output Function

DC/DC converter with dual output function, high efficiency.

Modular CAN 2.0

DC/DC converter with CAN2.0 communication protocol installed,responding in the first time for any possible problems.

Why Choose Rhyl Forklift Charger

Choosing our professional charging solutions can help you maximize your warehouse space resources and easily scale your business in the future.

Quality Assurance

Cooperating with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics by establishing a master's research point, which highlights the Rhyl's innovative spirit.

Being trust worthy, we are the long-term strategic supplier of Heli Group. We are committed to full automation system, passing the TüV CE UL...

Specialized production process

Rhyl implements 6S and ERP management internally. The dc-dc converter's power is from 100W to 3KW, which is suitable for voltage conversion requirements such as lead-acid liquid battery, gel battery and lithium battery. A variety of fully sealed converters solve the problem of harsh customer environments.
In May 2005, it passed the OBJY2CLASSB and CLASSF insulation system certification of UL of the United States. In 2016, it has obtained the TS16949 system certification of the automotive industry.

Rhyl Professional Equipment and Testing Methods

10KW DC regulated power supplyHigh temperature test chamberSalt spray test chamberWave soldering machineVibration test benchAutomatic detection systemThree-phase variable frequency power Power factor test systemInfrared thermal imager
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