HWBC21 50-60Hz Power Frequency Charger For Lead-acid Battery Forklift

A high-tech power frequency intelligent chargers for Lead-acid batteries, equipped with an high-efficiency CPU, can accurately detect various states of the battery.

Power Rating : 3.6 KW - 8 KW (Customizable)

Output Voltage : 48 Volt to 80 Volt (Customizable)

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HWBC21 Power Frequency Charger

 Key Features                   

For Lead-acid Batteries

A high-tech power frequency intelligent chargers for Lead-acid batteries, equipped with an high-efficiency CPU, can accurately detect various states of the battery.

Fully Charging

Dynamical Adjusting charging Technology, to meet the demand of dynamic adjusting charging, which allows the electric current to fully penetrate into the interior of the battery and ultimately fully charged.

Less Reducing Volatilization

At the same time, the battery would be in a state of slight gassing state during the charging process, thereby reducing the volatilization of electrolyte and water. 

Wide Battery Range

This product is specially used for electric forklifts, electric trucks, electric lift trucks, electric stackers, electric tour buses and other electric vehicle batteries. It is also suitable for small and medium-sized generator sets. It is a Specifically-designed Rhyl smart charger to meet all kinds of demand for battery charging.


HWBC22 Power Frequency Charger

 Quality Assurance         

Automatically Monitor 

the discharge capacity of the battery, and can accurately control the charging capacity, and the charging effect is stable.

Automatic Equalization Charging Function

after the charger is fully charged and turned off, the battery will be equalized and charged by the pulse current to achieve the maintenance charging function.

Wide Range of Charging Voltages 

can automatically adapt to a variety of charging environments.

High Charging Efficiency

can reach 82-87% during the whole charging process.

Adjustable Charging Factor

can be manually adjusted according to the actual use to meet the charging requirements of different kinds of battery, and the charger is highly compatible.

Low Battery Temperature Rise

extending the life of the battery

LCD Screen Display

can display the charging time, charging AH capacity, charging voltage and charging current in the charging process in real-time, and display it clearly on the LCD screen

Multiple Charging Functions

can meet the demand of manual balanced maintenance, automatic balanced maintenance, desulfurization function, and automatic initial charging

Charging Data Record 

at the end of charging for 30 working times

ALL-ROUND Protection

It has open circuit protection, reverse protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, transformer over-temperature protection, module over-temperature protection, power supply phase loss protection and other fault protection, and is equipped with intelligent alarm function and fault code display.

HWBC21 Power Frequency Charger

Power Range







                                                                             DC Output

Output voltage range

48-80Volt DC (Customized)

Output current range

50A-100A (Customized)

Corrugation coefficient


Applicable battery

Lead-acid batteries

Battery320 - 800 AH

Operating temperature


Operating temperature


AC Input

Input voltage

380 Volt (Customizable)


Input frequency


Power factor




Technical Parameters

Quality Certification

CE, UL, TUV Certifation.

Protective function

CPU Control the full charge process

Temperature compensation and equalization maintenance function 

Optional LCD touch screen function: (charge data storage function optional) 

Display charging time, security time, and charging voltage, current 

Charging curve real-time display

Charging data is automatically stored to the SD card 

Charging Memory function

Reservation charging date 

Charging time display setting charger life period

Touch screen and button dual setting 

Setting charging voltage and current parameters


Dielectric Intensity



No breakdown, flash

over, can be Tested with equivalent dc voltage



Insulation Resistance



At normal atmospheric pressure, the relative 

humidity is 90%




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