By your Basic battery requirements, we give ALL-IN-ONE charging solution.

Material handling equipment, warehousing & logistics vehicle

Bbattery voltage: 24 ÷ 72 V.

Battery capacity: 100÷800 Ah

Considering the new generation of vehicles with lithium batteries and many warehouse & logistics vehicles with lead-acid batteries, we can provide two professional charging solutions:

• HWCD1 intelligent lithium battery fast charging technology is specially developed for electric forklifts, electric stackers, warehouse logistics equipment. Among them, CD9 supports the same charging and double charging mode, professionally solve your lithium battery charging challenge, they can be directly used in your warehouse to improve space utilization efficiency, eliminate the waste of battery replacement, and ultimately save time and space costs.


• HWBC21 is specially developed for lead-acid batteries. It is suitable for electric forklifts, electric forklifts, electric forklifts, electric forklifts, electric stackers, electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, electric tour buses and other electric vehicle batteries. Suitable for small and medium-sized generator sets.


Golf carts and utility vehicles

Battery voltage: 36÷48 V.

Battery capacity: 100÷250 Ah

Golf carts are usually charged overnight and utility vehicles should be prepared for "opportunity charging, in that case, Rhyl provide two professional charging solutions both for lithium battery and lead-acid battery:

The HWBC2 is specially developed for golf carts equipped with lead-acid batteries and  utility vehicles.

CD series lithium battery fast charge. With double charging mode: opportunity charging and fast charging , HWCD9 can professionally solve your lithium battery charging challenge

Electric motorcycle, ATV

Battery voltage: 48÷450 lithium battery

Battery capacity: 10÷200 Ah

HWCM is IP67 rated to withstand shock and vibration. The internal charger is shock resistant with SAEJ1378 seismic rating. The seal design avoids the impact of the environment on the reliability of the charger. The module uses resin. Sealed, waterproof and vibration resistant for harsh environments. And HWCD1 lithium battery fast charge, as an off-car charger, can also be your best choice.

AGV & Aerial work platforms

Battery voltage: 24÷48 V.

Battery capacity: 225÷400 Ah

Our first concern is the durability of the components. In addition, considering that when one of the machines stopped due to a failure, the customer wasted time and money, and we designed a friendly diagnostic management interface. Our HWCG wall-mounted charger series focuses on AGV charging and HWCM8 is focused on solving aerial work platforms charging challenge.

Sweeper, cleaning machine and lawn mower

AVG battery voltage: 24V ÷ 36 V.

AVG battery capacity: 150÷300 Ah

The C3 model has been developed to ensure a highly reliable and efficient car battery charging result for a sweeper, cleaning machine and lawnmower with lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries.While thousands of C3 chargers are charging the sweeping machine, lawn mower worldwide, they are also supporting sold with Hangcha's mini electric forklift per year.
In addition to HWC3, C8(the highest power can reach 3KW), C12,C4E(with power factor compensation)all can be your excellent alternative.

Custom application

Battery voltage: 12÷600 V.

Battery voltage: 12÷600 V.

Customized solutions to meet the demands of customers, please feel free to contact us. We are aimed to solving your charging challenge with our technical teams of more than 100 engineers.

DC / DC Converter solution

The integrated isolation converter is suitable for electric vehicles, electric buses, electric industrial vehicles, electric tour buses, electric police cars, electric trailers, electric boats and other DC12 ~ 24V power supply electrical appliances: lighting, audio, instrumentation power supply.
Our converter solutions range from 100W to 3000W and are suitable for voltage conversion requirements such as lead acid dosing batteries, gel batteries, and lithium batteries. A variety of fully sealed converters solve the problem of harsh customer environments.

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