CD1 Lithium-ion High Frequency Forklift Charger

Single Port Lithium Battery Fast Charging for MHE



OUTPUT VOLATGE 18-65V,35-120V,75-235V (dc)

Battery Voltage  24V to 96V

BC21 Lead-acid Power Frequency Forklift Charger

Lead-acid Battery Charger for Material Handling Equipment

INPUT 230/380 Volt AC 50-60Hz (Customizable)


OUTPUT VOLATGE 48-80 Volt (Dc)


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All-In-One Charging Solution - Rhyl Electric Forklift Charger

Energy Saving- 94%, saving 10-30% energy, extending battery life and durability.

Cost Saving- 72Volt charger can charger 72/36/24Volt battery, saving purchase cost.

Wide Application- Charging no matter forklift battery type, brand, chemistry, voltage.

Easy Maintenance - Modularized Design allows the repair working more easily.

Highest Safety - Meeting Electric car charger standard with TüV CE UL Certification.

Market Tested - Original Manufacturer of Heli Forklift Charger - 5000 units per year.

Quality Reliability - 5 years service life - Golden Supplier of Korea Doosan Charger.

HWCD1 Forklift Charger

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Temperature compensation ensures that the battery can perform the “quality and quantity” of the battery charging process at various ambient temperatures, avoiding “overcharging” and “undercharging” caused by ambient temperature.

The life of the entire battery pack can be shortened due to the backwardness or damage of a single battery, but maintenance charging can maximize battery life, thereby greatly extending the life of the battery pack. With the resonance technology, the charging process works in the soft-switching state, the loss is greatly reduced, and the temperature rise is also reduced. The DSP control mode makes the charger run faster and the control is simple and convenient.

High withstand voltage grade

Complete Protection

Real-time Monitoring and Self-diagnosis

For Electric Forklifts, AGVs, Electric Vehicles

Wide Voltage Input

Wide three-phasefour-wire AC input 320-456V AC. Wide Dc output 18-65V, 35-120V, 75-235V

Dual port Lithium Fast charging - warehousing and logistics vehicles parking in pairs solution

High frequency forklift charger The HWCD9 is a premium intelligent dual-port charging system that delivers the highest efficiency of 200A/port and is a low-cost charging solution for paired parking of warehouse logistics vehicles.
High frequency forklift charger The HWCD9 is a dual port charging equipment that provides a lower cost alternative to parked in a dual position. During a short but timely "quick charging" shift, the vehicle can be conveniently charged at different times throughout the shift, such as during breaks, lunches, shifts or downtime.
High frequency forklift charger HWCD9 offers a wide range of features including charger and battery data management, battery monitoring and identification modules, precision charging control, electrolytic thermistors, our modular cable system, and our dynamic equalization scheduler weekly compliance. There is no need to assign a specific charger to the warehouse logistics vehicle.

Dual Gun Output Mode/ Single Gun Fast Mode

Simultaneously charging the two viechle battery or opportunity fast charging during the working shift, two modes can be switched.

For Electric Forklifts, AGVs, Electric Vehicles

Fast charging, can simultaneously charge two batteries of different voltage levels

Wide Voltage Input

Wide three-phase four-wire AC input 320-456V AC. Wide DC output 32V-120V DC (200A/400A)

Real-time Monitoring and Self-diagnosis

It consists of high-efficiency charging module and automatically adjusts charging current and voltage according to BMS data.

Why Choose Rhyl Forklift Charger

Choosing our professional charging solutions can help you maximize your warehouse space resources and easily scale your business in the future.

Why Choose Rhyl

Rhyl Forklift Lithium Battery Charger Use Modularized Design Concept Allows the Repair Working More Easily.

Quality Assurance

Cooperating with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics by establishing a master's research point, which highlights the Rhyl's innovative spirit.

Being trust worthy, we are the long-term strategic supplier of Heli Group. We are committed to full automation system, passing the TüV CE UL...

Rhyl Professional Equipment and Testing Methods

10KW DC regulated power supplyHigh temperature test chamberSalt spray test chamberWave soldering machineVibration test benchAutomatic detection systemThree-phase variable frequency power Power factor test systemInfrared thermal imager
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