What’s your industrial battery charging challenge?


Lithium Battery Fast Charge

CD series is specially used for electric forklifts, AGV, electric vehicles fast charging.

94% Plus

Modular design, the maximum power of the N+1 mode can reach several hundred kilowatts. The efficiency is 94% PLUS.

TÜV, CE,UL Certification

Thousands of CD1s per year are used to charger the HELI DOOSAN forklift, extending their battery life.

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93% Efficient

With the brand new electronic process and efficient circuit design, the efficiency of our converter is up to 93% efficient.

Wide Input high voltage

to meet the dynamic power requirements of the conversion system.

All-round Protection

Second-generation converters greatly enhance safety, with input protection, output over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and over-temperature protection.

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For Lead-acid Batteries

For Lead-acid batteries, equipped with an high-efficiency CPU, can accurately detect various states of the battery.

Wide Battery Range

For electric forklifts, electric trucks, electric lift trucks, electric stackers, electric tour buses and other electric vehicle batteries and also suitable for small and medium-sized generator sets.

High Charging Efficiency

Can reach 82-87% during the whole charging process.

ALL-ROUND Protection

Open circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, transformer & module over temperature protection, power supply phase loss protection and is equipped with intelligent alarm function and fault code display.

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For Electric Vehicle Battery

Model CM6 is a high-tech battery charger designed to supplement the power of the electric vehicle battery. This product has high efficiency, high reliability, high protection level and full protection function.

Intelligent On-Board Charger

voltage rating, insulation grade, EMC design, mechanical vibration and other indicators meet the technical standards of electric vehicles, ensuring the safe use of Rhyl chargers and reliable quality.

Wide AC Input & DC Output

input voltage 90-264Vac, wide DC output 100V-180Vdc 20A, reducing operating costs for customers and minimize unnecessary energy losses.

95% Efficiency

equipped with a new Rhyl electronic process and efficient circuit design, making the charging efficiency up to 95%.

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Cooperating with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics by establishing a master's research point, which highlights the Rhyl's innovative spirit.

Being trust worthy, we are the long-term strategic supplier of Heli Group. We are committed to full automation system, passing the TüV CE UL...

Innovation never stops in Rhyl:

Forklift charger CD Models -- CD1 to the latest CD10

On-board charger C Models- C1 toC18 , advanced CM Models-CM1 to CM18

Power frequency charger BC Models -- BC1 to BC18

DC/DC converter Z Models -- Z1 to Z18, advanced ZM Models -- ZM1 to ZM18

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Our full range of advanced smart chargers are compatible with a wide range of voltages and powers to suit most electric vehicle applications, maximizing charging flexibility and advantages of modularity.

Our technological innovations are designed to maximize fleet performance, productivity and battery life for our customers, to achieve fast charging...

94% of valuable energy will be used efficiently, which saves the costs for customers.

One year warranty, life-long technical support gives our global valuable customer additional peace of mind.

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RHYL always believes that technology is the first productivity in enterprise development.

Our chargers are based on standard of electric vehicles and work closely with SAIC-GM, Lonking, hangcha, JAC and Haim.

We are equipped with fully- automatic printing machine, automatic placement machine, Panasonic automatic plug-in machine, automatic three-proof coating line, and Germany - EA's fully automatic test system, Automatic reflow soldering, online AOI...

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Your battery expert, the world's pioneering innovation company, is committed to zero-emission clean energy.

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What Our Customers Say


Patrick Wack


“In addition to the advantages of the Rhyl charger, the Rhyl-consultants bring in their know-how, giving the Rhyl charger an extra value. It is a combination that opens up new perspectives to any fleet! With their experience they quickly discover the bottlenecks in an existing charging system and make creative proposals to solve those problems...”

Cees Schouten


"Thanks to the link with Rhyl team, charging system has by and large become an automated and high-efficiency process. Furthermore, At that, Logistics management department enjoys the flawless support from the Rhyl smart charging solution."

David Colman


"A company tour in China Rhyl – which allowed us to assess the application which is specifically designed for the smart charger market of electric forklift – was decisive in our choice for Rhyl. We started a 'full option' implementation in September 2008, using all modules and possible features of the Rhyl-tech system...”

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