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HWBC2-electric tour bus, electric golf cart


HWBC3, HWBC6 - electric forklift, electric truck, electric lift truck, electric pallet truck, electric stacker


BC18 BC21-electric forklifts, electric trucks, electric forklifts, electric stackers, electric tour buses and other electric vehicle batteries. It is also suitable for small and medium sized generator sets.

All performance indicators are in compliance with the requirements specified in the CE certification standards. CE Certification:BC2 BC3 BC18 BC21

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Automatic Equalization Charging Function

After the charger is fully charged and turned off, the battery will be equalized and charged by the pulse current to achieve the maintenance charging function.

Wide Range of Charging Voltages

Can automatically adapt to a variety of charging environments.

Adjustable Charging Factor

Can be manually adjusted according to the actual use to meet the charging requirements of different kinds of battery, and the charger is highly compatible.


For Lead-acid Batteries

A high-tech power frequency intelligent chargers for Lead-acid batteries, equipped with an high-efficiency CPU, can accurately detect various states of the battery.

High Charging Efficiency

can reach 82-87% during the whole charging process.

Fully Charging

Dynamical Adjusting charging Technology allows the electric current to fully penetrate into the interior of the battery and ultimately fully charged.

Less Reducing Volatilization

Battery would be in a state of slight gassing state during the charging process, thereby reducing the volatilization of electrolyte and water.

Automatically Monitor

The discharge capacity of the battery, and can accurately control the charging capacity, and the charging effect is stable.

Low Battery Temperature Rise

Extending life of the battery

LCD Screen Display

Can display the charging time, charging AH capacity, charging voltage and charging current in the charging process in real-time, and display it clearly on the LCD screen

Multiple Charging Functions

Can meet the demand of manual balanced maintenance, automatic balanced maintenance, desulfurization function, and automatic initial charging

Charging Data Record

At the end of charging for 30 working times

BC21 All-round Protective Function
Protective functionOutput short circuit protectionCPU Control the full charge process
Fully charging automatic shutdownCharging curve real-time display
Timer shutdown Charging data is automatically stored to the SD card 
LED indication charging process Charging Memory function
Automatically display charging time, security, and charging voltage, current Reservation charging date 
Temperature compensation and equalization maintenance function Charging time display 
Optional LCD touch screen function: (charge data storage function optional) Setting charger life period
Display charging time, security time, and charging voltage, current Touch screen and button dual setting 
Setting charging voltage and current parameters
BC21 Technical Sheet
Input voltageTwo Phase 380V 50HZ/Three phase 380V 50HZ
Input frequency50HZ
Power factor≥0.99
Output voltage range48V-80V (Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Output current range50A-100A (Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Applicable batteryLead-acid batteries
storage temperature-40℃ —+85℃ 
Operating temperature-25℃-60℃

The best charging state

The charging process adopts intelligent closed-loop control technical and the embedded CPU, which can automatically detects, dynamically tracks, and closed-loop control, in order to achieve the best charging state.

Maintenance is convenient

The structure is clear and the maintenance is convenient: the whole machine is composed of microcomputer control, rectifier module, heat pipe radiator, three-phase power frequency transformer, display screen and balanced charging switch. It is intuitive and clear, and can know the voltage, current and charge in the charging process of the charger at any time. Into the capacity, charging time and other information, LED display charging status, manual control equalization charging is convenient for users to maintain the battery. The structure of the charger is simple and reliable, and the electromagnetic interference is small.

High protection function

High protection function and high reliability: The charger has various protections such as overcurrent, overload, short circuit, polarity reversal, overcharge, temperature compensation, etc., to prevent the charger from being damaged due to misoperation.  When a faulty charger occurs, the fault code is displayed. And the charger has a balanced charging function, which can prevent battery stratification and sulfation, and extend the life of the battery.

Extend battery life

With intelligent dynamic adjustment charging technology to fully penetrate into the battery plate, the charger can not only ensures the battery fully charged, but also allows the battery to be in a state of slight gassing during charging, so as to reduce the evaporation of electrolyte and moisture, thus basically eliminating Overcharge, bubble wash battery plate impact on battery life, can extend battery life.

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