OUTPUT VOLATGE 12 24 36 48 60V(dc)


OUTPUT VOLATGE 24 48 60 72 96V (dc)
IP67 95%

Mainly involved in digital power technology, active APFC technology, LLC resonance technology and many other technologies, especially for: electric bus, electric car, electric sightseeing car, golf cart, electric forklift, electric truck, electric stacker, Electric trailers, electric boats, electric field work tools, batteries for batteries, generators, etc.

Reliability, efficiency, miniaturization, and weight reduction

The on-board vehicle charger that meets the requirements of the power battery, which can effectively extend the driving range of the electric vehicle and the service life of the battery, providing effective support for the practicalization and popularization of the electric vehicle.

With the integration of the electric vehicle BMS, vehicle control system and the charger modules, on-board chargers can significantly reduce the size and quality of the car, and save materials and costs.

For Electric Vehicle Battery

Model CM6 is a high-tech battery charger designed to supplement the power of the electric vehicle battery. This product has high efficiency, high reliability, high protection level and full protection function.

All-round Professional Protechtion  & CE certification

Wide AC Input & DC Output


95% Efficiency


IP67 Protection Level

Real-time Monitoring and Self-diagnosis

Power Factor Correction Technology



M Second  Generation High Frequency On-board Charger

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Technological advancement

The advanced active power factor correction plus phase-shifted full-bridge soft-switch control mode ensures high power factor, high efficiency and high reliability. It can choose to control the charger through the CANBus bus interface to complete the charging process by the host computer BMS, and can choose to accurately control the entire charging process by the embedded CPU.
The embedded CPU accurately detects various states of the battery, and the advanced intelligent multi-stage charging mode minimizes the phenomenon of battery charging overheating and water loss, and has a temperature compensation function and a balanced maintenance function.
Operating temperature-25~+55°C-30°C can start at full load. The internal temperature reaches 90°C and the power is reduced by 50%.
Storage temperature-40~+70°C
Altitude0-4000m3000-4000m High-temperature derating under ambient conditions, 1 °C for every 200m
Cooling methodRadiator forced air cooling, component sealing
Protection levelIP67
Seismic ratingSAEJ1378

High Frequency On-Board Charger

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HWC3 series charger adopts advanced active power factor correction & LLC soft switching control technology. With IP66 and SAEJ1378 , It is a realiable on-board charger specially designed for the charging demands of electric cars, electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric stackers, electric sweepers, etc. The embedded CPU is used to accurately control the entire charging process. The module is resin-sealed and waterproof and anti-vibration for use in harsh environments.


Equipped with a new Rhyl electronic process and efficient circuit design, making the charging efficiency up to 92%

Wide Input voltage - AC85V to AC265V
Quality Guarantee
Resin-Sealed Design
Temperature Compensation
Flip-chip Design
DSP Chip
Sealed Design
LLC Soft Switching Control
Embedded CPU

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Choosing our professional charging solutions can help you maximize your warehouse space resources and easily scale your business in the future.

Why Choose Rhyl

Quality Assurance

Cooperating with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics by establishing a master's research point, which highlights the Rhyl's innovative spirit.

Being trust worthy, we are the long-term strategic supplier of Heli Group. We are committed to full automation system, passing the TüV CE UL...

Rhyl Professional Equipment and Testing Methods

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